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FCC - Functional Chemicals

The essence of performance

Functional Chemicals (FCC) provides plastics additives, phosphorus and specialty chemicals such as organic and inorganic colorants. Day in and day out, this business unit is on the job meeting the needs of customers in a very wide range of industrial sectors. Our high-quality plastics additives improve the processability of materials and the properties of finished products. These include flame retardants with phosphorus chemicals as a basis, plasticizers that prevent plastics from becoming brittle and colorants that make the world a bit brighter.  The FCC business unit also offers finishing chemicals that improve the function of products we use in everyday life. We also provide water treatment agents (Bayhibit®*) and specialty chemicals (e.g. Baypure®*).

The most important brands & products

  • Mesamoll®, Adimoll®, Unimoll®, Ultramoll®, Triacetin (special plasticizers for processing polymers)
  • Genitron® (chemical blowing agent for polymers)
  • Baymod®* (PVC modifiers)
  • Bonding agents (improved adhesion of PVC coatings),
  • Mersolat® (emulsifiers for polymerization)
  • Macrolex® (organic dyes for coloring plastics)
  • Bayplast®* (organic pigments for coloring plastics)
  • Levanyl® and Levanox® (pigment preparations)
  • Solfort® (organic pigments)
  • Bayscript®* (dyes and organic pigment dispersions for the manufacture of ink jet inks and the office supply industry)
  • Disflamoll® and Levagard® (phosphorus-based flame retardants)
  • Bayfomox®* (raw materials for the manufacture of plastics components with exceptional fire resistance endurance)
  • Phosphorus chlorides (base chemicals for synthesis in the manufacture of flame retardants, crop protection active ingredients and pharmaceutical active ingredients)
  • Baypure®* (biodegradable dispersing and complexing agents)
  • Bayhibit®* (phosphonates for water treatment)

* Registered brand of Bayer AG, Leverkusen

If you want to find out more about functional chemicals, visit our websites.



June 06, 2014

LANXESS: High-tech products for sports

Soccer event 2014 - LANXESS is always a part of top-level competitive sports.

April 04, 2014

Sustainable solutions for paints & coatings customers worldwide

The world's population is growing, particularly in the big cities. With its innovative, sustainable products, specialty chemicals company LANXESS is helping to make life in cities safer, healthier and more comfortable.

April 02, 2014

LANXESS makes managerial changes

Along with Matthias Zachert assuming his role as Chairman of the Board of Management at specialty chemicals company LANXESS, leadership changes at two business units and country entities, as well as one group function, are coming into effect.


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